on windows 10

1. install ruby remember to wing off all things during step 2

2. fetch devkit for ruby

3. do this

Unzip the zip

open command-line and go to unzipperd folder

ruby dk.rb init

ruby dk.rb install

gem install rdiscount --platform=ruby

4. run 

  1. Install the gem from the command line. Make sure you have Ruby 1.9+

    $ gem install dashing

  2. Generate a new project

    $ dashing new sweet_dashboard_project

  3. Change your directory to sweet_dashboard_project and bundle gems

    $ bundle (gem install bundle)

  4. Start the server!

    $ dashing start

  5. Point your browser at localhost:3030 and have fun!

read here: http://dashing.io/

and here: http://rubyinstaller.org/

and here: https://github.com/smar000/openhab-dashboard


or a total perfect guide: http://3man.co.za/?p=6

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